Are coloured contact lenses safe to wear?

Yes, all of our lenses have been tested and are safe to use. If you are reusing your lenses then you must make sure they are cleaned and stored correctly. If you have previously, or are experiencing irritation when wearing your coloured lenses, then we advise you visit an optician. If you have had any previous eye conditions then we also advise you to visit an optician before wearing your new coloured contact lenses.


Will my contact lenses impair my vision?

No, of course not. If they are warn correctly, you won’t notice a difference in your vision as the part of the lens that covers your pupil is transparent.


Do you stock prescription coloured contact lenses?

At the moment, we don’t stock prescription coloured contact lenses, but we will be doing very soon.


What is the size of the contact lenses and will they fit my eyes?

All our coloured contact lenses come in one, standard size that has been designed to fit the average size. If you have, or have had a visual impairment we don’t advise you to wear our lenses, but this is at your own discretion.
For a majority fit, our lenses are designed to fit Adults’ eyes, therefore we can’t 100% guarantee they’ll fit anyones eyes who are under the age of 18.


Do I need an eye examination before wearing your coloured contact lenses?

Nope, you get use our lenses straight away, without any medial consultations. But, (there’s always a but!) as mentioned above, if you’re experienced irritation with other contact lenses, or have received any past medial treatment for your eyes, we recommend you visiting an optician first.


How long can I use your contact lenses for?

Depending on how often and how long you wear them, your optician will be able to advise you on this. By this, we mean for a few hours a day, or a week or month at a time etc.


If I’ve had an eye-related illness/condition, can I still wear your cosmetic lenses?

Our cosmetic contact lenses are designed for healthy eyes. If you have any existing eye-related condition, illness or severe visual impairment you should always consult your optician before wearing cosmetic contact lenses. This also applies if you have recently had eye surgery – wait until your eyes are fully healed and consult an optician before wearing lenses.


Is there a minimum age for wearing contact lenses?

Bearing in mind the size of our lenses are generally made to fit anyone of the age of 18, there isn’t a minimum age to use our coloured lenses, however, most opticians recommend that contact lenses can be warn from the age of 14 years old. If you’re still unsure about this, you can visit an optician and they’ll advise you further.


Do your contact lenses come with solution and/or a case?

As standard, our lenses come in a one-time-use solution, this means you can’t use the solution to clean the lenses. We’ll be selling a cleaning solution very soon. We do offer contact lens cases to store your lenses, but for now, you’ll need to source the cleaning solution separately.


Are the contact lenses specifically designed for my right or left eye?

Our coloured contact lenses are for the left or right eye, it doesn’t matter which lens goes it which eye.

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